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going out to check out this man, 35-year-old jeremy goulet. the sheriff says that they were killed at his doorstep and that upon further investigation, there had been witness statements that weren't rerelayed to -- relayed to the detectives that he was distraught, that he might hurt others. that he had three handguns and body armor before he was chased down, and caught and then waves the law enforcement came to the scene after the shooting. earlier we heard from the santa cruz police chief who talked about this case. chief vogel said his small department is reeling from this terrible loss. >> it's been devastating. there's absolutely no words for me to adequately describe for you what my department has been going through since yesterday afternoon. >> and the chief went on to talk about the officers, butch baker and elizabeth butler. here's more what he had to say. >> i had a special relationship with butch. he and i started with the department at the same time. we worked as partners together back in the early 1990s. we worked well together. we were close. we were good friends. we w
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>>> yesterday jeremy goulet blew up. armed and wearing body armor, police say he gunned down two santa cruz police officers. >> if there was ever a case i i wanted somebody who was going to give it their all and do the best job that they could, elizabeth butler was the one. >> a city in mourning for loren baker and elizabeth butler. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. >>> i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> investigators in santa cruz said the man accused of killing the two police officers was ready and willing to take innocent lives. we have team coverage. ktvu's robert handa is learning more about the two officers who were killed but we start with ktvu's alex savage and the new details about the suspect. alex? >> the gunman was angry and distraught. but those two santa cruz officer whose came to his house yesterday were unaware of his problems. they came tie the home down this alley way to question the shooter about a sexual assault case involving a co-worker. the two were shot to death
!" [laughter] the man behind obama's minority outreacharound was jeremy bird, [laughter] who focused on face-to-face communication with core obama support groups, nonwhites unmarried women, and millennials. because we know how much millennials love two face-to-face communication. [laughter] well, now bird has set his sights on a new target. >> team obama's former national field director jeremy bird, one of the masterminds behind the president's reelection victory has decided his next job will be turning texas blue with a new grassroots organization battleground texas. >> you're not considered one of the battleground states. although that's gon' be changing soon. >> stephen: yeah, that's 'gon' be changing even faster than obama's accent! [laughter] [cheers and applause] nation, this means the democrats are messing with texas! a, i believe that's unconstitutional, and b, i believe it might work. >> texas is one of four majority minority states, and its 9.5 million hispanics, currently 38% of the population. >> just 4.1 million hispanics are registered to vote, and only about half make it into
's explosion of violence, jeremy goulet criminal record traced back to portland, where a vicious confrontation cost him a piece of his ear. dave jackson continues our team coverage. >> reporter: jeremy goulet in a portland, oregon, courtroom in 2007, charged with invasion of privacy for photographing a young woman naked in a shower. >> it felt horrible. for a while, i couldn't go to the bathroom by myself. >> reporter: she screamed and her boyfriend fought with goulet, who twice fired an illegal handgun during the brawl and got the top of his left ear bitten off. it all ended in a two-year prison term, followed bid goulet heading south to berkeley, to this apartment house, where neighbors say he was both quiet and sly, unsettling enough that one couple considered moving away and tonight they want the whole criminal episode to go away. the former marine worked at this coffee shop. female employees say he was disturbing, even threatening, during his year behind the counter. one man said he knew goulet well and tried to calm his attitude towar
tonight. after a man guns down two veteran police officers. on tuesday, jeremy goulet shot and killed loren "butch" baker and elizabeth butler. one of their vehicles. and fled the scene. but not the neighborhood. when officers saw the suspect next, they say, he was wearing body armor. and dressed for battle. ("multiple gunshots from shootout.") (breaking glass) >> pam: goulet was killed in that gunfight. police say, he had several weapons on him. initially gone to the suspect's home. to investigate his role in a sexual assault. new at 8- we are learning about what moments before the two santa kron 4's j-r stone is live in santa cruz.he spoke with a man who may have been one of the last people to see the officers before they were shot. >> reporter: they have such critics things to say about this officer if you're if flowers come minos, candles in memory of those two officers. his >> i was the last person to speak with them. the detectives for four there were guns this down and killed outside this house. the officers thought that he could have been the suspect were somehow connected sph
the detectives went to the home of 35-year-old jeremy goulet for a followup investigation on a sexual assault. sheriff deputies say a fight broke out and jeremy goulet killed loran baker and elizabeth baker on his doorstep. he fled the scene in the unmarked vehicle of the officers. investigators say the two officers had no idea what they were dealing with. >> i never knew anybody at the police department as close as i did butch baker. i'm really glad i knew him. he added so much to the community and the police department. >> reporter: when law enforcement found jeremy goulet a half-hour later, he was pinned against a garage on doyle street. they say jeremy goulet opened fire on everyone and police sent fire back on him, killing a him. a firefighter tackled and shielded a woman on the ground while the rest of the crew got bystanders out of the way. at least four bullets flew overhead and struck the ladder shock. investigators say the suspect was wearing body armor and carrying guns. they believe that body armor came from the detectives. you can understand what a difficult and emotional day tha
detectives says his son was quote, a ticking time bomb. jeremy goulet's father said his son had contempt for police and the justice system. ronald goulet says his son swore he would never go back to jail. ronald told abc 7 news his son was a former marine who moved to santa krudz. now, just before his move to santa cruz jeremy goulet lived in erk berkeley where he worked at a coffee shop. wayne you've been talking about people recalling uneasy feelings about this guy. >> that is not in this coffee shop. they know him in this neighborhood they knew him, anyway. down street here we're on oakland berkeley border. this man made people feel good with coffee but on the other hand he made his neighbor uneasy. >> we just thought we're good neighbors then, learning this stuff is just weird. it makes me feel disgusting. >> in berkeley this morning alicia had a lot to think about. the man used to live upstairs with his twin brother was jeremy goulet. he died after shoofting two santa cruz police officers to death. >> he just seemed like a regular tenant until they fought and i knew that there is so
think it was 70, 80 rounds, if i had to guess. >> reporter: investigators say 35-year-old jeremy goulet swung open the door of his home and fired at the officers. loran baker and elizabeth butler laid dying on the doorstep but were able to call for help on the radio. investigators say goulet took the officers' guns and fled. he also stole their unmarked police car but then ditched it and started jumping backyard fences. when officers caught up with him, they returned fire. it's unclear if goulet got the bulletproof vest from the trunk of the police car. >> there's no doubt in my mind that the officer's who engaged goulet stopped an imminent threat to the company and neutralized that threat before it reached out and harmed the people we're sworn to protect. >> reporter: at a vigil tonight, many knew the fallen officers. butler was the department's top specialist at solving sex crimes. >> it's so hard to explain the numbness and the lack of ability to do anything to help. >> reporter: baker was the city's most experienced investigator. his daug
the suspect, jeremy goulet, was shot and killed by officer after a gun battle here yesterday afternoon. investigators now say he was carrying three weapons. they also say he was wearing body armor. the distinct sound caught on tape by neighbor, a sound that puncuates a tragic ending, a sound neighbors can't forget. >> i heard a barrage of gunfire lasting between 20 and 30 seconds. >> reporter: what we now know is two santa cruz police officers, detective elizabeth butler and 28-year veteran sergeant l 0 oran "butch" baker were shot and killed while investigating a sexual assault case. jesse believes he was the last person to talk to the officers before they were shot to death. >> they asked me if i knew anyone named jeremy, i said, well, i didn't know anyone named jeremy. the female oflser mentioned early on in the conversation that they were trying to contact the suspect and he wouldn't answer the door. >> reporter: that suspect is jeremy goulet who moved to santa cruz. we know he was distraught. that's evidenced by not only the murder
of jeremy goulet is a home. at least 35 rounds could be heard all fire and 12 seconds. some of the bullet hit a nearby car writergarage. policey when goulet was found he was wearing body armor and had three guns. the two of those weapons believed to belong to fall in officers. >> he's just your normal cycle papsychopath. that is all former neighbor and berkeley described goulet, a typical psychopath. >> jackie sissel was there at the height of it win the water main break. >> where i'm standing right now 24 hours ago i would a bit under 3 ft. of water. that is where the 16 in. cast iron main water pipes burst. right now, the pipe has been fixed but the street remains closed out here. we are at the corner of wawona and 15th avenue. that huge water main burst yesterday morning sending hundreds of thousands of gallons of water down to the street inundating some cars and causing a giant sinkhole. the public department at the word yesterday cleaning up the streets. the good is this they were able to fix the ply. they'll be out here to repair the road later this morning. there's still lots of wo
-workers of the alleged gunman in the east bay say they're completely stunned by what's happened. jeremy goulet lived in the upstairs unit of this berkeley complex with his twin brother for about a year. his neighbor says the brothers would sometimes get in heated arguments and on one occasion prompted her to call police but she still felt comfortable house sitting and hanging out with the brothers until she found out about the suspect's criminal history late last year. after that she said he seemed creepy but not capable of violence. >> and i was just blown away at the fact that, like, he could shoot two police officers, like, that takes a lot. and it's just sad to know that two officers were down and it's just sad to know that someone that i was neighbor friends were would do that. >> the suspect worked as a barista for six months. the owner said he seemed like a straight and narrow guy but fired him after he failed to follow company policies. his father talked about his troubled son but would only do so off camera. ronald goulet lives in rosamond. he broke down in tears recalling his lifelong batt
will find out what they talked about. you also speak with jeremy scahill, author of the forthcoming book and movied andirty wars," and melvin goodman, author of, "national insecurity: the cost of american militarism." all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. john brennan, president of and is picked to head the cia, defended the administration's controversial counterterrorism policies during his senate confirmation hearing thursday. he attempted to justify the administration's use of drone strikes, and backtracked on his earlier assertion that water boarding yielded useful information. he also denied he played a central role in the agency's torture of suspected terrorists, and suggested he was misled as a cia senior official over the value of information obtained through so-called enhanced interrogation tactics. this is part of his defense of drones for the >> i think there is a misimpression on parts of the american people who believe that we take strikes to punish terrorists past transgressions. nothing could
with a weird finished tonight in houston. jeremy land just went crazy. jeremy lin curry however, one more time for jeremy. 23 of the three- pointers and mark jackson told him to purposely foul. he got a bit overly enthusiastic. they got a bit more fouls and 140-109. and the sharks have lost two in a row the black hawks tonight johnny marie. with mark edwarda rather somber mood in thelin: 28 points, 9 assists rockets tie nba record with 23 3-pointers but the warriors don't want them to green the hard intentional warriors foul trailing by 30 breaking 3-pointer final: 140-109 rockets teams in nhl so far with a mark edwards vlasic keith - gets called for a 10 none-the-less, dejardinsa few minutes later. hawks add an empty netter
and a special guest. >> we have a special guest coming up end can the warriors stop jeremy lin and the rockets? this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. " " jeremy lin and his roc >>> last week, the warriors thought houston was showing them up by trying to set the nba's three-point record. >> you know, none of us were like we need to set up a play or anything to get another three. we didn't need disrespect. >> jeremy lin and the rockets expecting pay-back. the warriors will the first quarter lead but golden state played defense. chandler converts. the warriors gave up 59 points in the second half. houston had seven players in double figures. the warriors lose. chart scoreless against the predators in overtime. he didn't see the loose puck behind him and it got cleared. less than two minutes later collin wilson
to jeremy gulet. they will not say why two police detectives came to his house at 3:30 this afternoon. but as soon as they arrived things turned deadly. >> an altercation ensued between the detectives and mr. gulet. both detectives were killed at that scene. >> reporter: once back up arrived, the area was shutdown and a perimeter went up. then about 10 minutes later deputies and police cornered gulet on doyle street. >> a short chase ensued and gunfire was exchanginged between go let and a team comprised of sheriff deputies deputies and santa cruz police officers. gulet was killed at the scene. >> reporter: but the area remained on lock down impacting residents, teachers and children in several nearby schools. >> my son is in lock down along with my two nieces and my sister. >> i am angry and scared. i just want my child. >> reporter: by 7:30, four hours after the ordeal started, children were escorted out of school and safely bussed out of the area. back here live now, and there are still a few residents who are not allowed down that road, but i did speak with an officer a few minute
bullet rounds in a period of 10 seconds. it was 70, 80 rounds. >> reporter: jer jeremy swung open the door of his home and opened fire on two santa cruz police officers in plain clothes. they lay dying on the doorstep but were able to call for help on the radio. he took their guns and fled. he also stole their unmarked police car and ditched it a half block away and started jumping backyard fences. when officers caught up with him, he opened fire first with a gun in each hand. the officers returned fire, and he died in a hail of bullets. he was wearing body armor. it's unclear if he got the vest from the trunk of the police car. >> there's no doubt in anyone's mind that the officers that engaged him stopped an imminent threat to the community and neutralized that problem before it reached out and harmed the people that we're sworn to protect. >> reporter: the memorial grows by the hour. the deaths are the first in the department's 147 year history. at a vigil tonight, many knew the fallen officers. butler was the department's top specialist at solving sex crimes. >> it's so hard t
killed while investigating jeremy goulet . for a misdemeanor sex crime. authorities say, both officers were shot in the front steps of his home. that eventually led to a deadly shootout with santa cruz officers. that she got caught on camera. at least 35 rounds to be heard all fired in 12 seconds. >> some of the bullets hitting a nearby garage. police say when he was found he was wearing body armor and had three guns. it is believed to of those weapons belonged to the falling officers. >> kron fours charles clifford continue our team coverage and details were the sends crew shooting took place. >> tuesday's shooting occurred in central santa cruz. it started when to santa cruz police officers visited this home here. this particular house here. this is 822. this is where it is leave the suspect jeremy goulet shot and killed the officers. >> he then stole a police car and fled from the scene. >> as first responders were attending to the officers he was spotted on the other side of offense. >> officers on the scene told him to submit he fled down this alley at its south toward the oil str
. hello again, jeremy. >>> good evening again, commission. i would like to thank the police department particularly sergeant prudo and his associate who spoke on the budget matters for a very informative discussion. a few serious concerns, and these are not new, but i believe warrant reiteration at this point in time. the first concern is that the return to duty process occurs before the majority of the investigative process is over. this is a serious concern to the public because it bodes that an officer can be returned to duty while ongoing criminal misconduct, including homicide investigations can be occurring and unconclusive. furthermore, the divergence in evidencery standards in the different processes * is also quite disconcerting. i wonder why it is probable cause is the standard for declaring whether or not a crime has occurred. and it's very unclear whether that is just on behalf of the civilian and interaction with the police or on behalf of the officer themselves. and yet the d.a. once presented with homicide evidence is held to a beyond a shadow of doubt -- >> i think you
history. here are some of the many mug shots of jeremy goulet. the 35-year old has a long criminal record.goulet was arrested this past friday in santa cruz for misdeminor public intoxication. he bailed out. goulet worked at this coffee house. reports claim he broke into a co-workers house and tried to assualt her. he then was fired from the kind grind on saturday. goulet was arrested in 2007 in portland oregon for attempted murder. here is video from where it happened. he was accused of peeping on a 22-year-old woman as she showered. prosecutors accused goulet of removing a screen and using a stick to part the bathroom blinds to get a better view. reports state, goulet admitted on the stand that he liked to videotape unsuspecting women on his cellphone in his free-time but. he was found guilty of invasion of privacy and unlawful possession of firearm. a jury acquitted him of trying to kill the woman's boyfriend when his gun went off during a struggle. he was detained in 2008 for violating the terms of his release and he served 1 year jail sentence. goulet has also been arrested in other
. >> thank you so much for your time. i really appreciate it. >> coming up, ron jeremy -- he said the doctors told me if you can walk up two flights of stairs you can have sex. so he walked up three additional stairs for a buffer. >> the three additional stairs provide a buffer? or that you can do additional things while having sex? >> paula deen was on the today show and she was salsa dancing and then trying to make the other host smell her hands. >> it's going to smell like mayonnaise, i guarantee you. >> coming up, kim kardashian is pregnant. >> really? >> i cannot get over this image of her. >> oh.  >> it's time to play no one's favorite game paula deen drunk or not drunk. first three rows may get greasy. >> where am i going to put my bowls? >> drunk, maybe. >> let's examine the facts. >> paula deen was on the today show today. >> definitely drunk. >> it all started in miami with the mojito. >> we've got one for everybody. we made you a virgin. >> you think she's drunk? >> a lot of people were saying is paula deen drunk. >> fact one, the salsa. >> she starts actin
found three handguns on him. >> thank you. >> more details now about jeremy goulet. the man who killed the officers then died in the shootout. he previously lived in berkeley and worked as a barista there before coming to santa cruz. his down stairs neighbor happened to be his co-worker. goulet status as a sex offender shocked her, he'd been convicted of being a peeping tom in portland, oregon. >> seeing his mug shot knowing he was being arrested for peeping in on=4/q women and i e large windows. knowing he was upstairs the whole time freaked me out. >> the pentagon revealed served in the marine reserve and flew helicopters as an army warrant officer. >> more now on the officers who died in the line of duty. the first in the history of the santa cruz police department. sargeant loweren butch baker was nearing retirement. he leaves behind a wife two, daughters and a son who is a community service officer with the department right now. sargeant baker helped train the current police chief. >> he was a remarkable investigator, had an appetite to find the truth and i would go as far as to
.sports tonight. insanity to the bay area. jeremy lin back in town. the rocket hammer the warriors one week ago and trying to do it week ago and trying to do it again any. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >> come up tonight at 11:00. chris dorner man hunt somewhat out ladies to fire but tonight there's new confusion and speculation about whether it is dorner in that cabin. we have the very lit 40's southern california. most tweeted moment of tonight state of the union address. those stories and more on abc 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that. larry here. warriors in town. >> license sanity has returned. i missed license sanity. it's different. in new york it was
the sheriff said the two police officers -- police officers who were killed were unknown how dangerous jeremy goulet could be when they went to his house here yesterday, part of an investigation into a sexual assault allegation brought by one of his co-workers. the two police officers never even made it inside jeremy goulet's house. today the sheriff said the 35- year-old ex gone gunned them down and stole their weapons. >> it is our belief two of the three weapons he possessed belongs to the police department but we haven't confirmed that. >> reporter: after killing the officers jeremy goulet stole one of their police cars. but he returned to his neighborhood and that is where he was killed with a shoot out with police. the sheriff said investigators are learning more about just how troubled he was. distraught over losing his job just last week. >> the people who had contact with him, characterized his personality as being angry, being destructive. >> reporter: the two officers went to jeremy goulet's house to question him as part of a sexual assault investigation. he was accused of making s
judgment, but things like that need to be over viewed. thank you. >> thank you, clyde. jeremy? >>> good evening, commissioners, chief. i'm here tonight to speak on a few different issues and actually a couple of them have been brought up by previous speakers. so, i'll be brief. the first issue that i want to speak to was the issue that clyde just brought up, and that was the police beating of kevin clark, a young man a few weeks ago at 24th and mission. there's video footage of this. no charges have been -- were filed against mr. clark that would warrant any such action on behalf of the police department. i find it abrent and there will be a public speak out. i did not organize it, but i'll be present there. there will be a public speak out tomorrow evening at 5:00 p.m. at 24th and mission where the community will express its views on that. but it definitely needs to be reviewed and it is a far cry from best practices. second off, i want to echo the appeal for a taser forum in the tenderloin. there have been cries out for this for months. chief sur actually at the january 22nd meeting e
to tell myself, hey, you got to get it going here. >> reporter: in the north pole that jeremy affeldt's talking about in spokane, washington. yes, it's cold, but no longer raining here. it's dried up a bit. the mornings are cool, but it will be perfect for workout weather come tomorrow and we're just getting started here from scottsdale. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. he gets to be there for two weeks. >> exactly. you're going to be heading down though, right? >> march 23rd. they play the a's. >> the fans will get baseball autographs and marla. >>> christina, nice day in store for us today. >> we've got a great looking day. i just wabt wanted to point out, scottsdale, 51 degrees. one hour ahead of us, it is just about as warm if not warmer in all of your bay area cities. clear skies the reason why. little hazy, but not too bad. 51 degrees in san francisco. 52 in san jose. and 54 degrees in gilroy. our winds are moving offshore. you can clearly see that. look at all your winds coming out of the east. throughout the day today, high pressure really takes control and look at wha
, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, " " jeremy lin and his roc >>> last week, the warriors thought houston was showing them up by trying to set the nba's three-point record. >> you know, none of us were like we need to set up a play or anything to get another three. we didn't need disrespect. >> jeremy lin and the rockets expecting pay-back. the warriors will the first quarter lead but golden state played defense. chandler converts. the warriors gave up 59 points in the second half. houston had seven players in double figures. the warriors lose. chart scoreless against the predators in overtime. he didn't see the loose puck behind him and it got cleared. less than two minutes later collin wilson in. sharks lose they're sixth straight game. >>> giants pitchers and catchers reported are today for spring training minus a big part of their 2010 world series players. wilson underwent surgery. the giants aren't going to give him a contract. romo will be the primary closer. >> if there's someone that can come back from something like that it's definitely him. he's no
a followup investigation and then they started talking to a man by the name of jeremy. they don't know what happened, but he pulled out a gun and killed both officers outside of the home. the officers were able to call for help. neighbors called for help and that's when authorities started arriving on scene. he fled the scene, officers went into an active shooter mode where they start looking for him. they made contact with him, they say he opened fire, they returned fire and killed him on the scene. at that point, they started searching the neighborhood for a second possible suspect. we spoke with the police chief with santa cruz police and today was the first time the department suffered such a loss. >> this is the darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. >> we have the names of the officers. the first name is butch baker. he's a 28 year veteran who leaves behind a wife, two daughters, and a son. and elizabeth butler. she's a ten-year veteran. she also has a husband named peter who two young boys. this lockdown the entire neighborhood. four schools, affected a lar
police say the 35-year-old suspect, jeremy goulet mate them with gunfire. >> i heard about a dozen gunshots. it was loud. >> two cars, one with bullet holes were removed from the crime scene today. we were overhead as the manhunt unfolded on tuesday. an hour later he was spotted blocks away and killed after a brief shootout. >> i feel for the families. i know she has young kids. i cannot even...sorry, i cannot talk about it. >> jessica is one of many overcome with gravy and confusion about the tragedy. many worry their quiet beach town has changed forever. >> it is crazy. i grew up in new york city and i didn't see this kind of violence >> people are bringing flowers, cardinals, cards with prayers and thoughts for the families of the officers with a news conference in 25 minutes. we bring it to you live when it happens. >> cornell, thank you. the police department of santa cruz has never lost an officer in the line of duty and now two veteran officers are dead at hand of a man with a violent history. abc7 news continues our team coverage with katie marzullo. >> the officers long an
hurt. we are live in santa cruz tonight, nbc bay area news. >> jeremy had a troubled past with his family. he texted his twin brother minutes after he killed the two officers. he texted i'm in big trouble. i love you. his own father call and described his son as a ticking time bomb. here's what else we learned. this mug shot was taken in 20007 after he was filming an oregon woman in the shower. the marks on his face came from the woman's boyfriend. he has been living in fear ever since he was released. >> you hear on tv people getting away with things and this is just one of the things that hits home because someone got away with something that was pretty bad. only to commit something worse. >> danny thomas got in a fight with him in november of 2007. he bit off part of his ear in the struggle. he fired a gun in the confrontation, but in 2008 he was acquitted of the felony charges against him. >> i really think it was a big failure of the system to let him go after all that. >> thomas moved from portland to vancouver out of fear that he would retaliate and possibly search the inter
learned that the two officers were killed while investigating jeremy authorites say, both officers were shot on the front steps of goulet's home. that eventually led to a deadly shoot- out with other santa cruz officers. camera. at least. 35 rounds could be heard. all fired in 12 seconds. some of the bullets hitting a nearyby garage. police say, when goulet was found, he was wearing body armor and had three guns. believed to belong to the fallen officers. >> kron 4's charles clifford continues our team coverage. and details where the santa cruz shooting took place. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at m >> reporter: tuesday's shootings occurred in central santa cruz, a little more than a mile north of the beach. around 3:30 tuesday afternoon, two visited a home here at 822 north bran-ca-forty drive. this is where were both shot and killed by the suspect, jeremy goulet. after the shooting, goulet the scene. a short time later, as first responders tended to the fallen officers, goulet returned to the scene. he spotted here, behind 822
primera vez en la historia de la ciudad en que dos agentes mueren en una mision.. ---jeremy goulet es el responsable de las balas que le quitaron la vida a los uniformados sot : 0:40 "we know now that he was disrupt and we had intention of harming people" -- el alguacil del condado de santa clara inidco que el sospechoso tenia intenciones de hacer daÑo y estaba armado. el hombre tenia tres pistolas en su poder ---agrego que luego que los oficiales murieron encontraron a goulet cerca de la escena del crimen donde se enfrento a las autoridades y murio. ---los vecinos describen con asombro las escenas vividas sot: 1:41 "no se miraba real nada mas vez eso en peliculas" ---goulet trabajaba en una cafteria donde segun clientes habia sido despedido unos dias antes del tiroteo.. tambien fue acusado de inrrumpir en una casa donde tuvo una conducta sexual inapropiada. -- el hombre tambien habia sido arrestado la semana pasada por estar ebrio en la via publica cesar ---ahora surge informacion que el sospechoso vivio brevemente en el este de la bahia, donde la gente que lo conoci, no sale de su aso
about this? >> bring in the panel. steve hayes and welcome jeremy peters for the "new york times." and charles krauthammer. we hear from the guys all the time. let's start with you. increase and decrease in the federal spending and the bottom line is because of the way the sequester is structured it has impact in places. what about the back and forth we saw today? >> well, i think what you saw from republicans on capitol hill, they are worried about getting out ahead of the president. thigh feel like the president is winning the p.r. cycle. in a lot of way he is. bully pulpit of the presidency. they can only command so much attention being leaders in congress. the new psychois one of the interesting things about that dynamic right now. for the first time since the inauguration, you have a news psychothat is unfavor to believe the president. you won't hear about the policies. you won't hear about the top take the mainstream media likes to talk about now, immigration reform and gun control. so this is on the turf more friendly to republicans. budget and economy. >> bret: there is a
into the break, we will show you a beauty shot. >>> coming up on coffee with, it's jeremy renne,r. how they're dealing with hansel and gretel and how the script differs from the story. >> sharon's traffic cam is going to tell you about weather around the area. no fog on the topside of the beltway. don, take it away. >>> it's not just fog in the air, love is there too. as valentine's day approaches, we want to see photos of the person who makes your heart skip a beat. up load your photos to and look for them as part of a big slide show sponsored by reb's homemade candies. it's 20 minutes before 7:00. we will be right back. happy valentine's day. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie
and jeremy evans he slams over this object, and he showed it was a picture of himself dunking. terrence ross, on his last jump he leaps over a 9-year-old boy, and that is your winning dunk, the 2013 slam dunk winner. the capitals are in new york against the rangers leading 1- 0. >> leave it -- >> we could turn this around. >> a final look at the >> the wind will stick around a few hours. temperatures in the lwoer 40's and it will feel better. we have a closed front on tuesday, ahead of it gusty winds and heavier rains and it will be colder wednesday temperatures on thursday night and friday, we'll keep you updated. >> today is preparing us for later in the week. >> we'll see you at 11:00. have a good at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything. [ screams ] a rambunctious toddler? of course. uncle ralph? sure. a roman gladiator? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not? ♪ ♪ yes. [ female announcer ] get more
. >> i would like you to meet two street artists. this is linda and jeremy. >> night said to me to print them -- nice to meet you. >> can you talk to me about a variety of products that use cell? >> we have these lovely constructed platters. we make these wonderful powder bowls. they can have a lot of color. >> york also using your license. -- you are also using your license. >> this means that i can register with the city. this makes sure that our family participated in making all of these. >> this comes by licensed artists. the person selling it is the person that made it. there is nothing better than the people that made it. >> i would like you to meet michael johnson. he has been in the program for over 8 years. >> nice to me you. what inspired your photography? >> i am inspired everything that i see. the greatest thing about being a photographer is being able to show other people what i see. i have mostly worked in cuba and work that i shot here in san francisco. >> what is it about being a street artist that you particularly like? >> i liked it to the first day that i did it. i lik
but realized the idea. >> we realized we had the abilities so we thought, why not go for it. >> jeremy who works for finance in boston came up with the projections for models and he and the others pitched the idea to their family and they brought on a third friend to round out the team. >> we thought, do you want to be part of this, we trust you and i said, yes, i do, but i want equity. >> lance is the operations guy. he can sell anyone anything. great at sales and marketing and p.r. i'm the creative type. i can, you know, ziep and build. and jeremy's the financier. so with my vision, jeremy's capabilities, and lance's execution, the roles were just so clearly defined from the very beginning. >> with funding and a management team in place, steven took over the creative responsibilities. he searched around new york city for more than a year before securing a lease on a 100-year-old warehouse in wrook lin that used to house newspaper deriver derivery trucks. lance manages the day-to-day operations where the other two manage everything behind the scenes. >> seeing all the jobs from all the an
of exwarrior jeremy lin and the rockets on asian heritage night. lin and his teammates and chandler par sons getting ready with some pre game medication. curry with 27 points. the dish to a streaking klay thompson. david leigh and -- david lee and this is nice. barnes with authority. 7 points in the game. lin scores his first bucket. a nice reverse off the glass. thompson 22 points and the warriors are down one at the half. to the third and lin with one of his 10 assists and a nice feed to parsons who had 21. the rockets pull away in the fourth. he is right at his face. remember the rockets hit 23, three's. james hardin over curry and it it -- and the warriors dropped their fifth in a row as they head to the allstar break. 116-107. as for jeremy lin life has settled down and the palo alto star exploded in new york and they didn't want to pay him the big money, so he ended up signing with the rockets, three years and 25 million. jeremy averaging 12 points and six assists per game. his goal is not so much the recreation of lin-sanity. it is more like consistency. >> the whole lin-sanity thing.
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